Monday, November 17, 2008

Dancing on ashes and graves

This blog is stupid, for one reason; I can't post things as I go. As I travel to and from work every day, I see so much stuff that I want to talk about, but I know all too well that if I can't post about it immediately, I'll forget by the time I actually get around to sitting down and writing.

My one weapon in that losing battle is my cellphone's sometimes awesome but mostly horrible built in camera. If I want to post about something, I now attempt to whip out my camera as fast as I possibly can and take a picture of it. Most of the time this works out incredibly well if I get a decent shot because the majority of the shit I want to post about is either hillarious or something that makes me incredibly angry, which I suppose are both equally good for a chuckle from an outsiders perspective.

So after taking a few pictures about stuff I wanted to post about, and finally having a card-reader that can read a microSD card at my disposal, I've decided to painstakingly upload and post the majority of the pictures I've taken on my phone over the past 3 years of having it. This should be a fairly entertaining journey, filled with anger and hatred and all that good stuff. Doing this will also hopefully encourage me to carry my camera around with me more so I can visualize the hell that is this earth as I see it.

Test Drive. The bush (Brian Kildoff reference) that actually took this photo doesn't even use the stupid internet, but it's still worth a posting.

I had a pierced lip. I liked it.

Kevlar Koated Kevin during Kalculus

My body seems to reject tattoo ink, or the dude who did it purposely fucked mine up. Ive since come accustomed to how it looks, and am actually quite particular to it.

Halibut are fucking huge, and heavy. Sunn O))) heavy.

Yes, he is a douchebag; and yes, he lives in my current town. We both use Verizon, but we're soon to lose that bond when I get my G1. I'll never forget you, Phil...

Who wants to play the who can make the ugliest patriotic face ever game?

This was my roomate during my sophomore year at RIT. I think hes a bro now.

Where would I be without a Texas Instruments graphing calculator? Probably somewhere prestigious because I wouldn't be getting D's in Kalculus.

Gwar rules, end of story.

Creme of wheat is scary as fuck.

The filth of this human never ceases to amaze me. A++++++ seller.

Alan passed out drunk in Sean's basement. Drug Cats Straight edge.

I'm told jews love gold and diamonds. Me too.

Excerpt from the book Maddox made. Dicks.

Jonathan is the King of Crust Eating, Lord of Toe Sucking, and recipient of many a footjob in the Realm of Slobmess's foot.

Camera. What, are you an idiot?

Yosemite, some lake. I wanted to swim so bad.

Half Dome Yosemite. I wanted to jump so bad.

Images on the plane back to Boreafornia.

This dude ruled. He had an X hat. I asked him if he supported Project X and he told me that he hated the government more than he hated himself. A man after my own heart.

He rocks it so fine it puts me to shame.

This is the bus driver. The bus driver is angry. An old lady that couldn't hear nor speak good ingrish asked which bus she needed. He got mad. I laughed.

These are the people on the bus. I sit with so much scum on a daily basis, but not these fine bonitas.

Trickin' up a hill.

So one night I went with my boss to a talk he was giving to a group of boyscouts. There was so much creepy shit in the room, and the whole thing had such an air of obscenity to it that I was both horrified and disgusted. It was seriously like a cult.


Yeah, you're a winner. Keep telling yourself that.

The one good thing I found in the Scout Compound.

This is the DMV. People at the DMV are also angry. I fit in well here. I can't believe I'll be getting my license soon. The world is over.

Wish I knew how I did that...

I love public transit, it's like having the taste of your favorite candy in your mouth all day.


It's coming in nicely, yes?

Seriously, not only did this guy have a ponytail, but the rest of his head was shaved. Thus there was a bald ring around the ponytail. How can people live with themselves looking like that?

Okay so this wasn't that great. Whatever. Fuck you. Get fucked.

Hilang besar membungkuk.

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