Tuesday, November 18, 2008

May it rain on you forever

So I sit around at work a lot and do nothing....its very reminiscent of college. I went back and added captions to all the pictures from my last post, because I didnt have time at work to do so but I wanted to post it. The post is sorta gay in retrospect, I guess I didn't really have as many entertaining pictures as I thought I did.

On another note, today I stumbled upon a little note i wrote myself on my phone about a dream that I had and desperately wanted to post about. Because it was fucked up. Seriously.

I don't normally recall any of my dreams, but for some reason when I woke up I knew everything about this one. The unfortunate side to that was...I had just woken up. Thus I was functioning about as well as Robby Coulter on LSD. Before I go into details, let me show you what I wrote:

"dream - crabs, beating brothers, younger brother revenge on fat one, plastic swords and stuff"

Yeah, you read that right. In fact, I don't even want to tell you about it any further, you can just let your imagination soar away into oblivion from here.

"Wasting away?" Yeah, that Nu-metal slipknot kid from the Strand in downtown Summit while we were driving RC cars there. Best quote ever. If you were there, you know you laughed when your brain processed the memory; don't lie.

Something else that I wanted to touch base on was this while "Drug Cats Straight Edge or something like that". No. Fuck you. It's not "or something like that". It's Drug Cats Straight Edge. Period. You cut it into your flesh.

I see the most interesting creatures on my way to work. I say creatures because they are clearly not human beings, yet at the same time it would be wrong to classify them as any one particular type of animal. They are anatomical anomalies straight out of the human experimentations during the holocaust, of this I am sure. I need to start taking more pictures of them but I not only feel shy/embarrassed about it, I also don't want to get stabbed.

I wrote everything above on tuesday afternoon, and it is now Wednesday morning. I encountered a very interesting asian man today, so I though I would talk about him a little. I don't know how internet savy you are, or what sites you frequent, but recently there was a video called "ninja cat". I'm not going to explain the video to you, i'll show it to you.

Thats what this Asian guy was like. It was so fucking weird. First of all, he was always smiling, and he kept coving his mouth so that I wouldn't see it. But he was smiling so much, and literally never stopped looking at me, it was hard not to. So here I was, reading my book, with this guy as far away from me with his back to the wall as he could go. I kept looking up to see if he was still staring at me, and kept finding that he was closer to me each time I looked up. I think he wanted to love me long time. He ruled. I took a picture but I fear it wont really do this creepy man justice.

That's all I have for now. Get fucked, you propose? I thought you'd never ask.

Chýba veľký gauč. Drug Cats Straightedge. Period.

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Jonathan said...

i had a dream last night that you, me, nick, sean, and alan had to jump out of this plane. we all had black parachutes and ended up in a wide open field. it was sunny and pretty and warm. i don't really remember anything else.